Who is Archetype Joint?

Joint development and testing is all we do, so we have to do it better than other available options, both internal and external. Why consume your resources engineering and problem-solving areas that are secondary to your core responsibilities when we can take care of them quickly, definitively, and cost-effectively?

Why Choose Archetype Joint?

  • Fully Independent

    We have no commercial interest in the sale of components, equipment, fasteners or any other aspect of what we are asked to test.

  • Broad Experience

    The genesis for Archetype Joint was extensive design consulting experience in simplifying product and process.  The benefit of initially selecting the right joining or fastening method will always exceed that of optimizing a mediocre one.

  • Balanced Approach

    Our experience in product development and manufacturing provides the insight to balance performance, cost and production considerations.The result is solutions suitable forboth your product and your factory

  • Best Technology

    We are expert in the use of the latest bonded micro-sensor ultrasonic measurement of bolt tension. Bolt preload can be measured dynamically without any modification to the joint.  The goal of designing and tightening to tension rather than torque is now a reality.

Partial Client List


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Archetype Joint, LLC has been acquired by Derry Enterprises, Inc.

Archetype Joint is now Peak innovations Engineering, LLC with additional services to offer to a wider range of customers.

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